History of the Delta Party Barn

Our Story

Built at the turn of the century, on part of the vast and legendary Miller & Lux Cattle Empire, The Delta Party Barn is located in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley in Los Banos, California.  Situated on a diversified family farming operation, its history and décor of antique ranching artifacts are as rich as the fertile soil that surrounds it.

Our History

The most elaborate ranch-farm enterprise was that owned by Henry Miller and Charles Lux, who were partners for approximately thirty years. At its height, the “Kingdom of Miller and Lux”, included one hundred miles of land along the San Joaquin River with the Delta, as some of its principle areas later named the Delta Ranch. The Miller and Lux herds were marked with a double-H brand. The brand is displayed in the Delta Party Barn and was a gift to the family of the current owners.

The Delta Farms headquarter buildings were constructed by craftsmen from San Francisco at the turn of the century.  The main stable barn was constructed in 1900 in order to house the horses to be broken for the many vaqueros needed for the herding of the livestock.

The buildings that are now the Delta Party Barn and Chapel Barn were completed in 1910.  The Delta Party Barn was originally a stud barn, with the areas of partitions for the stalls still visible.

The Delta is the only known Miller and Lux headquarters which still has its buildings intact and maintained in its originality in appearance.  It is the intent of the Sansonis to keep it this way in order to preserve the history of the Delta Ranch.

The Delta was purchased by Mr. Pasquale Bisignani, uncle to Mrs. Sansoni, from Miller and Lux in 1926, an opportunity given him by the Miller family for his devoted employment starting as a stable boy at the Delta.  Arriving from his native Italy in 1903 at the age of 19, he worked his way up to general superintendent of the Delta, San Luis, San Juan, and Poso farms, comprising some 35,000 acres by 1923.

About Uncle Pat

Pasquale Bisignani

Pasquale Bisignani, fondly known as Uncle Pat, arrived from his native Italy in 1903 at the age of 19.  Starting as a stable boy, he worked his way up to general superintendent of the Delta.

Recognized for his dedication and loyalty, Pasquale was offered the opportunity to purchase the land by the Henry Miller family in 1926. At 42, along with his sister, Virginia Palazzo, and brother, John Bisignani, he acquired the original 5000 acres. The siblings farmed this land together until 1942 when it was divided, with Pasquale’s portion housing the land where the Delta Party Barn now stands.

About the Owners

Aldo & Virginia Sansoni

After Pasquale Bisignani’s passing in 1975, the property was inherited by his niece, Virginia Bisignani Sansoni. Virginia and her husband Aldo Sansoni, who married in 1955, spent their entire married life on the Delta Farms ranch, not only continuing the family legacy but also raising their three daughters there, infusing the land with a deep sense of family and history.